Salud Vintage Mobile Bar


The true meaning behind Salúd

In the Latino culture, it is customary to cheers by saying “Salúd “. In Spanish, this word means health and it plays a pivotal role in today’s day and age. It’s meaning extends far beyond physical health. Salúd is not simply a word, but a virtue to be applied to everything we do. As two brothers, we have been hands on in the service industry for over a decade combined, and recognize the importance of the word. Our vision existed for quite some time and would resurface in our conversations. When our father fell ill, we only hoped one thing for him, Salúd. Our family was very fortunate as our father regained his strength and showed us what perseverance and a positive outlook could achieve. Instilled in both of us is his strong will and meticulous work ethic. As a direct result of our experience and knowledge, combined with our family values, we proudly present to you our creation. We desire to give everyone a joyous experience and to create moments and memories you will share with your loved ones. 

From our family to yours,  Salúd!